Come Home Mama

I try not to think about you now and then. But it hasn’t been long enough, and I don’t want to ever stop thinking about you. I’ve got a good life, and it’s hard to enjoy it, when my heart aches for you to be near.

I try not to think about what might have been. About how you would grow old watching your grandbabies grow up, and teaching me how to be a good mother. I try and not think about the wisdom you would have taught me, or the trade secrets you would have passed down to me with each milestone they reach. How am I suppose to deal with them during their rebellious teenage years? If they are truly half of me and half of Scott I am so in for it! I don’t even want to think them passing the age of 3!

I know I have told you that I would not be angry at you, and I try so hard not to be angry at you, but it’s hard mama. It’s really hard not to be angry. I don’t think it’s you, I think it’s everything that played into you leaving. I think it’s the cancer, the doctors, the lack of support. Sometimes I am angry at you because you wanted to shelter me from seeing you die that you kept me from making memories with you! you kept Jayden and Zechariah from making memories with you! Mom, they wouldn’t have remembered the tubes, and wires, and the machines! They would have only remembered you, and your love! That’s all I remember!

Why did God take you? Why? It’s not fair! There are countless others out there that have no heart of pure love like you have, and they couldn’t go? Why you? Why now? Why when I finally get my life together and give you grand babies that God takes you? I can not understand this! It infuriates me!

I will always be your little girl wanting to crawl up into your lap after a bad day just to have you sooth and hush me while stroking my hair behind my ears, and kissing my tears away. I will always be your little princess twirling in her dress up gown you made me out of our window curtains because we had no extra money to buy me a “proper” dress up dress. I will always be your number one fan mama.

So please tell me, why did God insist on you? I really do try to believe that you are in a better place, and I really do try to pray for my sanity. But sometimes, I can’t stops seeing you in every reflection of the glass, every shadow that passes, and hearing you in every sound in the night. I just want to so much see your face again mom, to hear your voice echo I love you, and to feel your hug never let go. Some days I don’t want to get up and honest to God, I don’t know how I do get up.

I love you mama. I have to go now. I have to try and get some sleep before tomorrow. We have Easter with Scott’s family tomorrow. God I wish you could see the boys collect some eggs. This is the ONE and ONLY time you will ever get me to admit this; but I miss that you spoiled them rotten, when I know you shouldn’t have and couldn’t likely afford it, but I let you do it anyways, because I knew how much it gave you joy and happiness.

Happy Easter mama! Love you to the Moon and back again, forever and ever.

-Your loving Oldest Daughter,


^^^^^ Mom and I

^^^^My brothers first Christmas. My Mom, Brother, me and my dad.

^^^^ Myself, Mom, my brother, my sister and my dad.

My Mom, My sons Zechariah, Jayden and myself.

Myself, my mom, and my sons Jayden and Zechariah

My Grandmother, my son Jayden, myself and my mom.

My mom, my son Jayden and myself.

My step dad and my mom

My husband, my mother in law, my mom, and myself.

My mom and myself

My brother, my mom, myself and my sister.


Death With Dignity?


Inspired by a true story in Arizona. This elderly man had been caring for his elderly wife, who wanted to die, who was so sick of being sick, and ailing in health. After 63 years of marriage she begged him to end her life for her. Two states currently have a Death with Dignity Act, in which they allow physician assisted deaths to terminally ill and impending death persons such as the very elderly. These are not relatively new acts in Washington and Oregon; they have been long acting, strictly regulated, observed and closely documented.

I recently told my husband that if it came down to it, and I had no quality of life left, if I could not wipe myself, and if I could not enjoy the life I had been given then I would want to be put out of my misery. I would want to go out with some respect and dignity. I know this act is geared more towards terminally ill and those who otherwise would live a more vegetative state, however like Mr. Sanders stated in his interview, with all of the new technological and modernization updates and upgrades, shouldn’t the art of death and dying also be updated and upgraded? It seems almost so archaic, that death almost seems like an after thought.

I would definitely agree that we need to upgrade the art of death and dying. What is the consensus?

George and Virginia Sanders

Mr. and Mrs Sanders pictured above.


Mr. and Mrs Morganroth photographed by April Morganroth: Mom’Ography Photography. Photographer, Photojournalist, writer, blogger.


New Wedding Pricing Guidelines and Options

Mom’Ography Wedding Pricing Breakdown


I always like to start with guidelines just because it allows the Bride and Groom a full perspective of the process and why.

1)      During the service I ask that you make guests aware that once the ceremony starts to please remain seated in their seats to prevent image interference, unless they need to excuse themselves with a child. If they have to leave their seat, please advise them to exit to the end of the row and not into the aisle of the Bridal walk way.


2)      I ask that Brides and Grooms please advise their guests to reframe from entering into the aisle what so ever, including an arm holding camera devices.

3)      I ask that Brides and Grooms make their wedding guest aware that there will be no flash interference.

Example of Flash Interferrence

No flash interference.


Major example of Flash interference; as you can see If there are guests behind me flashing their cameras as I am working, we get images that cannot be recovered.


So, in order to combat this, I will take the entire wedding part group by group away from the guests after the ceremony to get their formal session done. I will have a bucket in which cameras from everyone will be placed into, so that there is no temptation to fire flashes to interfere with the formal session. This will speed up the formal portrait session, as well as streamline it for me to be able to get a quick look and see slide show to show during the reception. **** Must pay the additional $100 expediting fee to have the look and see slide show during the reception. Bride and Groom are to provide their own slide show equipment.



Prior to Booking

These are services I provide free of charge to all Brides and Grooms prior to booking their wedding day with Mom’Ography.

1)      One wedding a day is booked. What this means to the bride and groom, is they are not rushed, and they have my full attention from start to finish.

2)      Free consultation prior to booking. What this does is we determine the type of shots the Bride and Groom are wanting most as well as the style. I just ask that you look up some styles prior to the consultation so that you have an idea of what you already like and do not like. I encourage using Pintrest, or if you are a more hands on crafty person, a wedding prep scrapbook.

3)      ALL wedding packages INCLUDE an engagement session up to 6 months before their wedding date. ***Half of deposit is required to have images prior to final installment of wedding package of choice.

4)      I provide installment payments which I go over with the Bride and Groom during the consultation process.

5)      All wedding Packages come standard with a Bridal contract. The purpose of this is to ensure that both the Bride/Groom and the Wedding Photographer are all aware of terms, conditions and pricing. This protects all parties involved. Contracts can ALWAYS be modified when need be.

6)      If your wedding is 12 months or more out you may reserve your date with a min deposit of $100 anything less than 12 months will require half of the package as deposit. Full deposit is due one month prior to Wedding day. If there is a need to pay it later than that, arrangements can be made; which can also be discussed during consultation.

7)      Images are copy written to bride and groom ONLY, regardless of who is paying for the wedding package.

8)      ALL PACKAGES COME WITH A (ONE) YEARBOOK STYLE Wedding Day Album. ***Additional charges apply with additional pages, binding styles, copies of the album, style layout outside of the basic included version.  Options are discussed at consultation.


9)      Your reception will have a 11×14 large image from your engagement session with a white border around it for guests to sign.


10)   Your Reception will have a photo booth style for guests to take photos at that will be man by either myself during down times, and or a second shooter when appropriate: A basic backdrop will be used with some basic props. However, for an additional price you can have more elaborate ones such as: (Images will be from engagement sessions or images you provide photographer)


11)   Rehearsal dinner photography is also provided as long as it falls within the same week (7 days) of the wedding day for up to 2 hours. ***Additional costs for anything more than an hour. It’s recommended so that photographer is familiar with Bridal party and Bridal close family such as mothers, fathers, etc.

12)   It is strongly advised Brides and Grooms advise guest that during the first minute of the first dance, and parent dances that guest reframe from flash photography.

13)   Photographer uses hot lights/strobes during formal session. (Like in studios) Thus Wedding photographer will need to go with Bride and Groom prior to their wedding day to the site of the wedding to look at set up. Photographer uses an on camera beauty dish to ensure beautiful lighting and cover of images during reception and ceremony. ***Accommodations can be made at NO additional costs if venue calls for no flash photography.


Options to think about:

We offer several options to think about when preserving memories. These options are additional and thus have additional pricing that we can go over during the Free Bridal Consultation.

-Images can be printed on Canvas for chosen sizes

-Images can be printed on wood of chosen sizes

-Images can be printed on glass of chosen sizes

-Images can be printed on metal of chosen sizes

-Gift able images on gift items such as coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc can be printed.

-Bachelorette, Bachelor, and Bridal Party photography is also provided at an additional cost.

-Additional prints of your choosing available for an additional cost.

-Customizing packages are available at an additional charge ***Can discuss during consultation.


****************Contact April Morganroth @ or 928-254-1261 for your Free Consultation and Pricing.



Wedding Sheet Download:Wedding Pricing

Where is the line drawn and why? Is the New Deal FSA project a Body of Art? Documentation project only? Or both? You decide!

In doing my homework for my Photography Art History class, I always chose discussion questions that mean the most to me, since we are only to answer one. Often times I have a difficult time trying to decide which question to chose. I have two love affairs, history and photography, so combining them together you cans see that I am in Hog Heaven. Below is my response to the discussion question. Enjoy fellow #HistoryLovers and #PhotographyLovers. I will let you decided if this body of work should be regarded as a body of art, documentation project only, or both.

21. Explain how it came about that the F.S.A. images would be regarded as works of art

The United States Governments’ Farm Security Administration, sponsored this project through the New Deal Historical Section, under the direction of planner Rexford Guy Tugwell; using photographic documentation to record the government’s willingness and strides to help destitute depression farmers. The goal was to use the images to make visual impact statements as well as capture images of the social conditions of the time. The visionary for this project is credited to a former teacher at Columbia University, Roy E. Stryker; economics instructor. In the end, the New Deal Cabinet conceited, that the commanding role these images gifted in visual impact statements for capturing the social conditions were greatly understated.

Eleven photographers would come to work on this project (listed in order in which they were hired): Arthur Rothestein, Theo Jung, Ben Shahn, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Carl Mydans, Russell Lee, Marion Post Wolcott, Jack Delano, John Vachon, and John Collier. These eleven photographers all played a significant role, not only in producing images for this project, but also in molding the resulting images in the final project through conversations held between the group members. Although the New Deal Cabinet under estimated the photographers ability to produce images that breathed a humanistic social visual catalyst found in novels, theatrical productions and music of the time, these images are now regarded as a “national treasure” in the United States; which is why this project is regarded as a work of art.

A contributing factor that propelled this project into a body of work has partial thanks to project photographer Arthur Rothstein; a former student at Columbia University, responsible for setting up the files, darkroom, and recording all of the projects activities. During his assignments to the South and West of the drought-stricken regions during the Depression he produced one of his most infamous images, Dust Storm, Cimarron County, of a sun bleached steer skull. He photographed this skull in many different positions as an experiment which ensue conjured up a political controversy, that lead some to question the legitimacy of this project. Backed by his fellow photographer peers. it was concluded that it was the photographer’s choice in creative point of view, with regards to interpretation, of the literal truths. There were many challengers and critics such as fellow project photographer Walker Evans; who believed that the images should depict the entirety of the scene, and not be so abstract. It was this controversy that some deemed this project as a body of art, as much as documentation project.

**Side/personal note**
As a photojournalist myself, I tend to agree with the majority of photographers of this time; in that this is a body of art, as much as it is a documentation project. I feel that people try to put too clear of and concise labels onto things; that when something isn’t as clearly defined, or has the potential to fill multiple pots, they get a little disjointed and caught up in what the appropriate label should be.I myself love photojournalist art, in my opinion body’s of work can be artful as well as be documentation; not everything has to be square and lame compositional placed.Three of my all time inspiration images come to mind: Napalm girl, V/D Day Sailor Kiss, and Migrant Mother; all of which were clearly not contrived and posed, all of which are considered art worthy to many; including myself.

Dorothea Lange; Migrant Mother; FSA project.


Additional Links to read:

Self Expression or Obsession?

If you are a parent you have perhaps seen your children engaging in the above activities; texting, gaming, and living behind the computer screen. In this day and age your status derives from the technology devices you have. Perhaps I am dating myself when I say this, but shouldn’t our children be out socializing with other children their age? How about riding bikes? Playing sports? Signing in the choir? Playing cowboys and indians? Growing up I HAD an Atari Game system, however I played it mostly during rainy days at home with my siblings. I certainly did not have a cell phone, cordless home phones barely hit the market!


When did it become a per-requisite for children to have free unmonitored access to all of this technology? When is too much, too much? I was always taught to do things in moderation. A child that my 2.5 year old son attends class with has a cell phone, yes HIS personal cell phone, an iPad, and his own laptop; he is 3.5. Tell me something, what on earth can a 3.5 year old do with all of this technology that it not only warrants the purchase for personal use, but the parents actually bought it for them? In my honest opinion this is exactly what causes children to grow up too soon. They are being constantly exposed to the world that these technologies introduce at a much too young of an age. Again I ask, what 3.5 year old NEEDS so much technology? It’s one thing to allow a young child to use/play on mommy’s and/or daddy’s electronic devices, but it’s an entirely different ball game when that child has ones of their own; not shared with a parent.


Children these days are not experiencing falling from a bike, in fact recent reports are showing a steady decline in bike purchases year after year, with an incline in gaming consoles. I can attest for this first hand! This past Christmas we bought our two year old his first bike! He had been asking for one, because grandpa, mommy and daddy all have one and ride them. When my husband and I went to Toys ‘r’ Us to purchase a bike for our son, we had no issues walking right to the bike section, looking at the varieties, having our son sit on them to see which size was the best fit with room to grow. That was NOT the same story a few aisle’s down in the electronics section. In fact there were a few brawls over someone buying the last xBox 360, and a few parents cussing each other out for buying the last copy of some of the highly desired games. It was NOT a pretty sight. We asked for help in getting the right bike for our son, and were told that we would have to wait or do it our self because staff were all tied up helping out in the electronics department. Not to mention the COUNTLESS young aged children throwing fits over not getting the games they wanted. My sons were unaffected by it.

Heck they don’t even play the ONE game console we have for them! In fact they would rather play in the Step two kitchen and dinner we have for them, or the pop up Cars tent. They BLOW past the TV and run straight for the train table and countless (yes I do mean COUNTLESS) varieties of cars and trucks to play with. My 2.5 year old begs me every day to take him to the park and take him out side to play. He even likes coming out to my photography studio to help me and play around with my gear and cameras.


So why do we, as parents, allow technology to consume the lives of our children? Is it really a sign of the times, or is it something greater?

I recently had someone tell me that it was a form of self expression, I had to stand back and take a look at it from that angle, and since having done so, I still have to say, I find no form of self-expression in it? What exactly are they expressing about themselves in all of this technology? It’s not so much the technology as it is the insane AMOUNTS of technology they are caught up in.

Again this might be dating me but what is so great about all of this technology? It has made us to impersonal, it has cut out anticipation, it has cut out life. Spending your entire day behind a computer screen limits your ability to experience and live life. I know a few people who go places with their children just long enough to take a photo to say that they were there, but they don’t stay longer than that to experience it. Technology was suppose to aid us, to help us better experience life, and the world around us, now it’s just blocking us from it.

Are your children really using technology as an aid? Is it a form of self-expression as some say, or is it a true obsession? How should we combat it? Cut it off as if it were like alcoholism? I don’t think so, the technology is great, when used right and not wholly obsessed and self absorbed into. Moderation. Key word, in moderation. Limit the usage, put requirements on your children to EARN, yes, I said it, EARN the privilege to use technology. It’s NOT a right to have these things, we as parents and consumers know all too well the steep price tags on these items, so make them earn the privilege to use and have these items. It should not be an automatic.

Although my children as still very young, I dread the day they ask for a cell phone because all of their friends have one. My husband and I have already set up our rules and guidelines, if our children can not, do not want to follow those rules and guidelines, then they will not have those privileges.

Let me put it in a different spin, would you allow your children to eat a McDonald’s burger, fries and soda all day every day for food? No? You wouldn’t? Why? Right! Because that is NOT a balanced and nutritious diet! Exactly! Does that mean McDonald’s should be avoided always? No, not really, but in moderation it’s still good to treat the kids to, like when my two year old decided to use the potty by himself, he got to go on a mommy and him date to McD’s for a happy meal. The point is, he EARNED that privilege, it wasn’t an automatic.


So, Obsession or Self Expression?

Artist Statement


I use photography to define my world and all that inspires me as a means of documentation and self-expression.  Photography is my medium to inquisitively explore and interpret what has meaning to me; including aspects of my character. In exchange I get to preserve memories and moments in time that make history; maybe not history book content, but someone’s history. I get to interact and work with a variety of different people to keep things fresh and interesting. I enjoy people watching through my view finder to see if what is important to me is equally as important to strangers. My goal in photography is to document memories, to preserve them, and build relationships that forge into friendships and stories to tell my children and one day my grandchildren. I strive in offering a different point of view on life.

My choice of subject ranges from personal interest, professional interest, religious influence, familial influence, and the desire to improve my skills as well as explore the dynamic range of myself. I am curious of how people lived before my time, during my time and how they will live after I am long gone. I’m interested in what moves us emotionally, and I delight in expressing that on film or in a digital photo. I prefer to shoot film, however, in an attempt to keep up with the ever changing modern technology I keep it fresh with digital photography.

I’m inspired by life, the way it moves against us, with us, for us, and around us. I’m inspired by the seasons of life, by the start, middle, and end of life. Mostly I’m inspired by how we move through life in reaching our goals, aspirations, and about the journey there. I’m a photojournalist at heart. Sometimes my art forms itself, other times, I form and mold it. On occasion my art is geared towards a specific demographic; other times for anyone to enjoy and appreciate it. Ultimately, my art is from my pure love and appreciate of the photography medium.

I started this journey as a scrapbook keeper after my great grandmother passed at home one still night in our home. She was ill with Alzheimer’s and could only remember her life through her “picture-books” that we call scrapbooks. I was awe struck at her ability to remember intimate details looking back at her life through photos, and wanted to remember every part of my life’s journey from beginning to end, so that I could pass it along to my children one day. Hopefully my journey has only just begun, but I’ve got a treasure cove of memories to share with my two boys when they are older.

I’m a photographer because life moves me, because history pulls me in, and because treasures are found around every corner. I pride myself in evolving with the times and making memories with my family and with strangers I meet along the way.  Think of the stories my photographs will tell someone when I am ashes. That is what inspires me to shoot, and explore the world we live in.






Canon Cocktail and Desert Party @ WPPI 2013

I had a GREAT time learning and networking at WPPI 2013. High lights were definitely attending the Canon Cocktail and Desert Party, the Pool Party, and having class with revolutionaries like Doug Gordon, Ryan Schembri, and Lawrence Chan! Of course the Networking was UNBELIEVABLE! I got to enjoy some exclusives like being in the Canon Professional Services Lounge. =) All in all WPPI 2013 was AMAZING! I’ve learned a lot and I’m delirious about what the future holds! Making some HUGE changes at Mom’Ography! See you all soon!

Hello world! I was VERY inspired by Lawrence Chan today at the WPPI 2013 conference about social media and marketing. I knew I would LOVE hearing Chan speak for the first time today when he started with ONE of my ALL time favorite quotes from Albert Einstein about creativity!

In honor of someone I respect in the Photography and Marketing industry, at the risk of being slightly cliche’ I am going to officially open my word press blog with some of my other favorite quotes from Albert Einstein.

“Creativity is Intelligence, Having fun.” -Albert Einstein

“Creativity is contagious, Pass it on.” -Albert Einstein

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” -Albert Einstein

Last one:

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions” -Albert Einstein

Although I’m currently out of town at the WPPI convention for Photographers, I’m excited and inspired to re brand and totally overhaul Mom’Ography! Stay Tuned for updates and details!

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