New Wedding Pricing Guidelines and Options

Mom’Ography Wedding Pricing Breakdown


I always like to start with guidelines just because it allows the Bride and Groom a full perspective of the process and why.

1)      During the service I ask that you make guests aware that once the ceremony starts to please remain seated in their seats to prevent image interference, unless they need to excuse themselves with a child. If they have to leave their seat, please advise them to exit to the end of the row and not into the aisle of the Bridal walk way.


2)      I ask that Brides and Grooms please advise their guests to reframe from entering into the aisle what so ever, including an arm holding camera devices.

3)      I ask that Brides and Grooms make their wedding guest aware that there will be no flash interference.

Example of Flash Interferrence

No flash interference.


Major example of Flash interference; as you can see If there are guests behind me flashing their cameras as I am working, we get images that cannot be recovered.


So, in order to combat this, I will take the entire wedding part group by group away from the guests after the ceremony to get their formal session done. I will have a bucket in which cameras from everyone will be placed into, so that there is no temptation to fire flashes to interfere with the formal session. This will speed up the formal portrait session, as well as streamline it for me to be able to get a quick look and see slide show to show during the reception. **** Must pay the additional $100 expediting fee to have the look and see slide show during the reception. Bride and Groom are to provide their own slide show equipment.



Prior to Booking

These are services I provide free of charge to all Brides and Grooms prior to booking their wedding day with Mom’Ography.

1)      One wedding a day is booked. What this means to the bride and groom, is they are not rushed, and they have my full attention from start to finish.

2)      Free consultation prior to booking. What this does is we determine the type of shots the Bride and Groom are wanting most as well as the style. I just ask that you look up some styles prior to the consultation so that you have an idea of what you already like and do not like. I encourage using Pintrest, or if you are a more hands on crafty person, a wedding prep scrapbook.

3)      ALL wedding packages INCLUDE an engagement session up to 6 months before their wedding date. ***Half of deposit is required to have images prior to final installment of wedding package of choice.

4)      I provide installment payments which I go over with the Bride and Groom during the consultation process.

5)      All wedding Packages come standard with a Bridal contract. The purpose of this is to ensure that both the Bride/Groom and the Wedding Photographer are all aware of terms, conditions and pricing. This protects all parties involved. Contracts can ALWAYS be modified when need be.

6)      If your wedding is 12 months or more out you may reserve your date with a min deposit of $100 anything less than 12 months will require half of the package as deposit. Full deposit is due one month prior to Wedding day. If there is a need to pay it later than that, arrangements can be made; which can also be discussed during consultation.

7)      Images are copy written to bride and groom ONLY, regardless of who is paying for the wedding package.

8)      ALL PACKAGES COME WITH A (ONE) YEARBOOK STYLE Wedding Day Album. ***Additional charges apply with additional pages, binding styles, copies of the album, style layout outside of the basic included version.  Options are discussed at consultation.


9)      Your reception will have a 11×14 large image from your engagement session with a white border around it for guests to sign.


10)   Your Reception will have a photo booth style for guests to take photos at that will be man by either myself during down times, and or a second shooter when appropriate: A basic backdrop will be used with some basic props. However, for an additional price you can have more elaborate ones such as: (Images will be from engagement sessions or images you provide photographer)


11)   Rehearsal dinner photography is also provided as long as it falls within the same week (7 days) of the wedding day for up to 2 hours. ***Additional costs for anything more than an hour. It’s recommended so that photographer is familiar with Bridal party and Bridal close family such as mothers, fathers, etc.

12)   It is strongly advised Brides and Grooms advise guest that during the first minute of the first dance, and parent dances that guest reframe from flash photography.

13)   Photographer uses hot lights/strobes during formal session. (Like in studios) Thus Wedding photographer will need to go with Bride and Groom prior to their wedding day to the site of the wedding to look at set up. Photographer uses an on camera beauty dish to ensure beautiful lighting and cover of images during reception and ceremony. ***Accommodations can be made at NO additional costs if venue calls for no flash photography.


Options to think about:

We offer several options to think about when preserving memories. These options are additional and thus have additional pricing that we can go over during the Free Bridal Consultation.

-Images can be printed on Canvas for chosen sizes

-Images can be printed on wood of chosen sizes

-Images can be printed on glass of chosen sizes

-Images can be printed on metal of chosen sizes

-Gift able images on gift items such as coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc can be printed.

-Bachelorette, Bachelor, and Bridal Party photography is also provided at an additional cost.

-Additional prints of your choosing available for an additional cost.

-Customizing packages are available at an additional charge ***Can discuss during consultation.


****************Contact April Morganroth @ or 928-254-1261 for your Free Consultation and Pricing.



Wedding Sheet Download:Wedding Pricing


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