Death With Dignity?


Inspired by a true story in Arizona. This elderly man had been caring for his elderly wife, who wanted to die, who was so sick of being sick, and ailing in health. After 63 years of marriage she begged him to end her life for her. Two states currently have a Death with Dignity Act, in which they allow physician assisted deaths to terminally ill and impending death persons such as the very elderly. These are not relatively new acts in Washington and Oregon; they have been long acting, strictly regulated, observed and closely documented.

I recently told my husband that if it came down to it, and I had no quality of life left, if I could not wipe myself, and if I could not enjoy the life I had been given then I would want to be put out of my misery. I would want to go out with some respect and dignity. I know this act is geared more towards terminally ill and those who otherwise would live a more vegetative state, however like Mr. Sanders stated in his interview, with all of the new technological and modernization updates and upgrades, shouldn’t the art of death and dying also be updated and upgraded? It seems almost so archaic, that death almost seems like an after thought.

I would definitely agree that we need to upgrade the art of death and dying. What is the consensus?

George and Virginia Sanders

Mr. and Mrs Sanders pictured above.


Mr. and Mrs Morganroth photographed by April Morganroth: Mom’Ography Photography. Photographer, Photojournalist, writer, blogger.



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