Tip of the Day #1

So I’m embarking on a new journey with my marketing plan. For so long I’ve been going against the grain of things, especially when it comes to photography. I fought digital long and hard, in fact I still do and shoot film from time to time. Mostly a hobby and for fine art now. I fought long and hard against using post production main stream tools like anything Adobe! Once I embraced Adobe I fought against presets and templates! Now I embrace them! I am even starting to embrace social media and smart phone photography. The point is I want to be current for my beautiful and wonderful clients! I want to be tech savvy and on your level! Truth be told I’ve learned a lot from my client feedback surveys and reviews which I appreciate that you took the time to do for me!

I know many may have not ever read my about me section, or why I do what I love doing. So to sum it up quick for you, I love preserving memories; ones that you will treasure a lifetime! More importantly I’m a educator, so I love to teach, and show people how to do things.

So, as part of my new marketing plan for 2014, now that I’m officially 100% back from maternity leave, I will have a daily blog titled “Tip of the Day #…” Where I teach you a little something about photography. It may or may not help you. I will talk about all things photography from film, to digital to phone photography. I may have videos, step by step guides, and what I feel is also important I will try my best to educate you about photography, the history of photography and some of our greats! I think it’s important we know who they are and learn from them! Don’t worry I wont test you! Unless you really want me to, then I might! =)

Okay, now down to the nit and gridy of the post: Tip of the Day #1

Topic: Smart Phone Photography; catching a better image.

There are times when we might not be so apt to carry around a big bulky DSLR or any camera. Or times, if you have children you will so relate to this, when you want to capture a truly candid moment and not unwanted attention to your camera. I’ve learned the art of “Ninja photography” as I lovingly call it because of my children. Poor guys have had a camera in their face seriously as they came into this world, hey it’s the price of having a photographer mother. Just nonchalantly pull your camera out, pretend to be busy on it, don’t make it so obvious and make sure it’s on silent, then start snapping away, and trust me you will get some of the most amazing candid photos you’ve ever seen!

Just how do you get those amazing shots that are not blurry, too dark or too light in unwanted places? I’m about to tell you: open your camera app on your smart phone. You will see a little box on the screen. Tap on it. Do you see it move around? Now move it to where part of the image is in a darker space and part of it is in a lighter space. Tap the darker space and watch it get lighter, now tap the lighter space and watch it get darker. See what it is doing? You are telling your camera on your phone, that where I just tapped is the most important thing in this image. Make this part of the image balanced with light. (In camera photography this is aperture. How much or little light you want in your image. We will talk about that at another time. Keep it in mind though.)

Now, point your camera at a subject, living, non-living, whatever it is you choose. Frame up how you want your crop to look. Now tap on the subject, remember it’s the most important part of the image, it’s not only what you want the camera to focus on, but it is also what you want even light and proper exposure on. This will reduce blur as well. Take your picture by tapping the shutter button on the app. Just for fun, leave your phone right where it is, with the same composure and crop you desire. Tap the darker area and snap a picture. Tap the lighter area and take the picture. Go back and review all three images. Do you see the difference? (Seriously wish that DSLR’s had this technology sometimes! Just sometimes!)

Now, practice, practice, practice and practice some more! See different ways you can be creative, change the lighting, change the crop, and change what you focus on to see the difference! In no time you will be a smart phone camera pro and able to do without thinking or missing an important shot! Become the ultimate “Ninja Photographer” for candid photos! As always I am open to hearing from you and answering any questions. Enjoy and have fun!

Three Fun Facts to know about Photography:

Eastman becomes Kodak after owner George Eastman Dies.

George Eastman committed suicide.

George Eastman popularized the roll film making it available for the general masses, and no longer just an affluent hobby.



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