Artist Statement


I use photography to define my world and all that inspires me as a means of documentation and self-expression.  Photography is my medium to inquisitively explore and interpret what has meaning to me; including aspects of my character. In exchange I get to preserve memories and moments in time that make history; maybe not history book content, but someone’s history. I get to interact and work with a variety of different people to keep things fresh and interesting. I enjoy people watching through my view finder to see if what is important to me is equally as important to strangers. My goal in photography is to document memories, to preserve them, and build relationships that forge into friendships and stories to tell my children and one day my grandchildren. I strive in offering a different point of view on life.

My choice of subject ranges from personal interest, professional interest, religious influence, familial influence, and the desire to improve my skills as well as explore the dynamic range of myself. I am curious of how people lived before my time, during my time and how they will live after I am long gone. I’m interested in what moves us emotionally, and I delight in expressing that on film or in a digital photo. I prefer to shoot film, however, in an attempt to keep up with the ever changing modern technology I keep it fresh with digital photography.

I’m inspired by life, the way it moves against us, with us, for us, and around us. I’m inspired by the seasons of life, by the start, middle, and end of life. Mostly I’m inspired by how we move through life in reaching our goals, aspirations, and about the journey there. I’m a photojournalist at heart. Sometimes my art forms itself, other times, I form and mold it. On occasion my art is geared towards a specific demographic; other times for anyone to enjoy and appreciate it. Ultimately, my art is from my pure love and appreciate of the photography medium.

I started this journey as a scrapbook keeper after my great grandmother passed at home one still night in our home. She was ill with Alzheimer’s and could only remember her life through her “picture-books” that we call scrapbooks. I was awe struck at her ability to remember intimate details looking back at her life through photos, and wanted to remember every part of my life’s journey from beginning to end, so that I could pass it along to my children one day. Hopefully my journey has only just begun, but I’ve got a treasure cove of memories to share with my two boys when they are older.

I’m a photographer because life moves me, because history pulls me in, and because treasures are found around every corner. I pride myself in evolving with the times and making memories with my family and with strangers I meet along the way.  Think of the stories my photographs will tell someone when I am ashes. That is what inspires me to shoot, and explore the world we live in.







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