Tomorrow, Friday 3rd starting at 6pm you can come down to the MonOrchid Gallery located in the Heart of Downtown Phoenix, on Roosevelt Row for First Friday to the exclusive Bokeh Gallery where I will be having my first big Solo Show featuring my work from “Desolation”; a compilation of images that tore apart two communities and left 19 aching holes in our hearts: the Prescott HotShots.

“Photographs can tell a thousand different stories of life’s intricate moments and all the while be open to many interpretations. My photography is expressive, capturing those secret moments in life, I call them the between moments.” -April Morganroth

This is my work from start to finish of the complete destruction and heartache from what is being classified as the worst fire catastrophe since the early 1900’s. It stole 19 of our bravest mens lives.

You can catch a gist of it here on the Respect The Shooter by Marcus Braithwaite on his Valley Hype page: Desolation

You can also catch updates on my Photography Facebook Fan Page here: Morganroth Photography

Find updates on my Twitter (@AprilMorganroth)

And my Linkedin account: April Morganroth

You are always welcome to check out my Website: Morganroth Photography

Look for me on Instagram: Morganroth Photography

And Finally Pintrest: April Morganroth: Morganroth Photography

I will be having a LIVE interview with 12 News tomorrow morning on their 6am Broadcast. be sure to check it out or record it!

Here’s a snip it of images you will be able to view!

untitled (24 of 37) Untitled-12 untitled-0043

A HUGE thanks to Justin and Nicole from The MonOrchid Gallery for pulling all of this together!


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