Investigative Journalist April Morganroth

Bio: My name is April Morganroth. I am a Walter Cronkite Journalism junior at Arizona State University working on a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism minoring in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies minoring in Psychology. My personal role models are Steve McCurry, Dorothea Lange, Nick Ut, Tim Hetherington, Ansel Adams and Richard Avedon. I aspire to bring truth, integrity, and a personal touch to American Journalism unlike what we’ve seen since its early conception. I want to redefine what photojournalists and journalist report by ensuring that all sides of a story are heard in terms the people understand. I strive to inform the people on what matters most while maintaining personal integrity. Photography and telling a story has been in my blood since I was a young child. Watching my beloved great grandmother deteriorate as she fought a losing battle Alzheimer’s I took to photo story telling the way she had done through her “picture books,” or scrapbooks as we call them today. She passed in the early winter of 1993, that spring on my birthday I received my life changing Kodak 110 Box Camera. It was nothing fancy, but it sharped my desire to tell stories photographically. Two years later, Christmas of 1995 I received a crude darkroom in our family house and my first SLR, the Canon AE-1 programmable, which I named it Bambie; the Disney character my great grandmother and I adored so much together, the movie I was watching the night she left us. That summer my favorite book My Girl, compelled me to be like Vada by taking a summer creative writing class that defined me evermore. From that day forward I documented life as it unfolded and how it happened. The journalist in me has always been there, however it was not until nearing the imminent death of my mother in 2010, did I realize where I needed to be all along. My mother held on for two more years but did not see me graduate with my Associates of Applied Science in Digital Photography from Phoenix College December 2013. (I walked May of 2014-following the end of my first full semester at Arizona State University). I am deeply passionate about my family, politics, sports and religion. I married my high school sweetheart, this August 2014, we celebrated 14 years together, and this November we will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. We have three amazing little mop head boys, a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old and a 8-month-old. Our oldest started his academic journey in pre-kindergarten this fall. I’ve recently covered the Yarnell Fire in Yarnell, Arizona, where 19 Hotshot firemen tragically lost their lives. I love to cover NASCAR, College football, National Football and a variety of other sports. I also enjoy covering politicians, elections, and public opinion. Most of all I love investigative journalism on any subject because I love to research and dig for the truth. Another passion of mine is covering issues that I hear about from friends, or the underdog story. I have a unique advantage at capturing what I call the “in-between moments,” which are moments many overlook, and moments that happen so quick. I would say that a dream career goal would to become an Associated Press, or National Geographic photojournalist/journalist, but to be honest, as long as I am doing what I love most that would be my dream job. A goal I am currently working on is becoming a journalist for Arizona State University’s State Press, Downtown Devil, or Cronkite News. I am starting my journalism journey here and now, so please be patient with me as I strive to get going. I am committing myself to a minimum of one story a week for this site. I would love to hear subjects, issues, or stories you would like me to cover and look into. Please email me at April.Morganroth@asu.edu. I look forward to hearing from you and bringing you stories that tell the best story.

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