What a difference a PRO Photographer Makes!

The image on the left is in Lightroom, basically that is straight out of the camera. I slightly corrected some shadows, and highlights, and the white balance.

Then I sent it to Photoshop, here’s where the difference between an amateur like, “uncle Bob” or “aunt Suzy” with the really good camera comes into play.

A #professional #wedding #photographer can envision this beautiful image even with dismal conditions. 9 times out of 10 they already have a portfolio of images they can drop in to make the scene a little more dramatic and less drab.

When I SAW this image in my head, I saw exactly what you see on the right. I saw pink beautiful clouds, blue water, beautiful green/treated grass.

Vary RARELY do the elements all work together and turn out OUR way in camera day of an Event or wedding.

First, I dropped in a more esthetically pleasing and less eye cumbersome sky and back drop. Then I turned the merky and drab green dull water to a piercing blue. Then I fixed the grass situation and fixed the color. I of course dodged and burned some areas to make it more “popping” and less dull.

Uncle Bob, or Aunt Suzy don’t have this artistic eye, to really bring together an Image as stunning. Now this is a rough edit, it’s not done, there’s some fine tuning my eye see’s that needs to be addressed, but you can already see, what a difference a professional Photographer will make.

Why chance it?? Did you know that the number 2 most brides make after their wedding is that they WISHED they had spent MORE on their photography, or gotten a more qualified photographer?


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