Even when absolutely EVERYTHING that CAN go wrong, does go wrong on a photo shoot, it takes an expert to work with what they’ve got, and know what to meter for to pull the boldness and beauty back through during post processing. This is just ONE of the many examples I have. Nothing went right in this photo shoot for the Arizona Brides Magazine. Nothing. The Venue lied to us, played us, and jerked us around. Equipment failure, backup equipment failure, and even some catastrophes.


What I did was meter for the detail in the dress. The gold embellishments in the top of the dress. I knew what White balance to shoot in that would give me the BEST options to pull colors and color correct during post production. The outcome is very clear.


This is the job of a professional. Someone who knows what they are doing, even in the midst of everything going wrong. Here’s the beautiful thing, NO HARSH on camera flash! Tact sharp, no noise, proper white balance, proper color balance and color like we see registering with your eyes, no dull or overly saturated colors.


So the next time, you think about having Uncle Bob with a really good camera, or Cousin Suzy photograph your special day and occasion, just keep this in mind. Also keep in mind that as a photographer, we don’t just show up and snap a few images. We really work hard at over coming obstacles that come up, and post process, just to name a few limited things we do on the back end.


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