22 days left!

Conversations with myself about: Re-launching back ONTO, upgrading profiles on, and, Brand Change, Website Makeover Re-launch!

“EKKK! OMG! How can I only have 22 days left? Wait, I’ve gotta have more time! 22 days is not enough time to get it all in and done! There’s profiles to build, portfolios to get ready, shoots to be done, spreads in magazines that I have to finish for the re-launch! How can I get this all done in 22 days! I promise I have NOT been slacking! I work day and night, night and day!

Oh no, wait, we still have 22 days left! Whew, we’ve got time. Ahhhhhh

Wait, what are you talking about? 22 days isn’t really 22 days! It’s really only 8 days if you subtract weekends, and nights, and days I’m busy with shoots, etc!


OMG! I can’t get this all done!

Yes, yes you have to! Pull yourself together silly girl! You are a superstar! Go get the prize!

Yes, you are right self, I am a superstar! I got this!”


Re-Launch! July 12th, 22 days! Check us out


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