Fan Question that made me tear up!


“April I really want to know what got you started into #photography. If you have already posted this somewhere and I missed it, or already answered it, I’m sorry for asking again. I love hearing how people first got started into things they love doing.” Mike N. (MN13)

Hi Mike!

No need to apologize! I have in fact not shared that yet, well lately! Always nice to re-fresh peoples minds why I do what I do, and what I love!

When I was really young my great grandmother lived with us, she had requested to live her last days at home surrounded by family. She was ailing to #dementia and #Alzheimers. She couldn’t remember anything, except when she bought out these “picture books” of hers. (We call them scrapbooks today, which I still do scrapbooks by hand.) When she had one of her #scrapbooks in her hand she could remember intimate details of her life, even if for a brief moment, I saw my great grandmother come back and be alive with us again.

It was then that I wanted to be the families #scrapbookkeeper, and continue her work. I got into photography through scrapbooking. My Obsession with Scrapbooking, actually propelled me into photography. At first it was just family snap shots, then it was a hobby, and eventually became a professional interest.

I will never forget it, I was about 7, my Great Grandma had just passed away the month before my birthday. Everyone was asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I didn’t want a bike, or an easy bake oven, like the rest of my friends my age. I wanted a camera of my own. I asked for a Kodak 110 box camera. On my 8th birthday I got a HUGE box of film, (seriously they wrapped 100 rolls of film individually and then put them all in a big box and wrapped that box) and at the VERY bottom of the box underneath all of the film and the popcorn packing they used, was this small tin box with a green ribbon cris crossed on it. I gently pulled that box out, because I knew right away it was my camera.

I used that camera for MANY years. I took it EVERY where I went. I was snapping pictures of the family, I was snapping picture of our family events, of my siblings and I at karate, at my track and cross country events. I used that camera until my 13th birthday when I got my very first 35mm Film Camera. A Canon AE-1! Man I loved that camera!

My Love Affair with preserving memories, and making images that we can share on the front porch swing as we grow gray is what really inspires me, and keeps me going!

Wow, sorry for such a LONG response! #Ohthememories!

Thank you Mike!

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