Today I caught a child beating the bloody pulp out of another child in my front yard! Parents Teach your kids RESPECT!

Sometimes I think I’m just becoming an old crotchety women, and sometimes I don’t think it’s me at all, but the social changes.

I live literally less than half a mile from the house I grew up in. Different community, but the same area. I get my groceries from the same Fry’s Marketplace, that we did when I was a kid. I take my kids to the same McDonalds and Burger King for treats that I was taken to as a kid, I get my gas from the same Circle K (that used to be an On the Run Mobile Gas station). I can remember a time when I was 10 and we (my siblings and all of our friends that lived in the community) could just hop on our bikes and ride ALL over out here, around the neighborhoods, out into the river bottom, onto the neighboring farms that we knew the children of the parents and grandparents that owned those farms. The closet entertainment was either 15 miles East of us, or 15 miles North of us. The loop 101 was STILL under construction to be finished, and the I-10 was barely a notch above a dirt two lane highway.

Point is, when I was a kid, my friends and I NEVER stole from our neighbors, or others in the neighborhood, we NEVER even thought about walking or riding out bikes through their driveways, yards, and rocks. We were taught that that was rude, and that you never went onto another persons property unless you were invited to do so, or you were walking up to their front door to fetch your friend; furthermore, when you did, you did so respectfully and walked on the drive way to the sidewalk, and not through their grass or landscaped yard.

Today, I am CONSTANTLY chasing the neighborhood children OFF of my property, I am constantly getting after them to stop throwing the rocks in my yard at one another, and to stop climbing the tree in my front yard! The bus stop is directly in front of my house, which I don’t mind, but man! Show some respect! What these children are doing today would have constituted as getting a nice warm switching from my grandmother when I got home; which meant I had to pick my own switch from one of our many trees in the back yard. After which I would be sentenced to the table to write sentences upwards in the thousands of not disrespecting our neighbors, followed by a march over with a firm grip on my shoulder to apologize to that neighbor, and if I were lucky that would be the end of it, but more times than not, I would be sent to my room for the remainder of the night after dinner. Betcha I never did that more than once! No sir- I did not.

It drives me nuts! I don’t think parents are properly keeping tabs on their children, and disciplining them appropriately and respectfully in a timely manner. Now I understand that this is not fair to lump ALL parents in on, but a good majority, yes. I have gone as far as to walking these little disrespecting toads home to their parents, to talk to their parents. 8 times out of 10, the parents are not HOME! Who goes off and leaves their children wondering the neighborhood alone? Really? Especially in these times? IF I should get lucky to encounter a parent who is actually home, I’M the one that gets the scalding! That poor little Johnny or Suzy couldn’t have POSSIBLY been so rude, or that I should tease them by having a nice tree or rocks in my yard! Excuse me? No your little Johnny pushed little Tommy into my hard and proceeded to pound his head into the rocks in my front yard. After which he whistled to his little buddies to join in with him! When I noticed and came out and chased them off, I watched poor little Tommy walk home, and he was cursing me out, saying I had no business getting into their business! Excuse me? Their will not be any violence or blood shed on my front yard! Take that crap somewhere else! Like back down to the Ghetto in Phoenix! This is Suburbia! Not the ghetto projects! Take your wanna be “thug” life and wanna be “gangster” life back into the ghetto, it is not wanted here!


I seriously can not believe my eyes, or my ears when it comes to these children in my neighborhood. It drives me bonkers! So is it me? No, I think it’s just society these days! People are not respecting people and their properties, thus they are not teaching their children these values, which leads us to these very young, and disrespecting children today! By the way, those children nearly beating to  death one another in my front yard, are no older than 10 years old. Really! I even went as far as to report it to the bus driver, and she told me, “Sorry, I don’t have time to sit at every stop and make sure these kids go home, they don’t pay me enough to care about what happens once they get off of the bus.” So I took it up with the school, and you know what the school told me, “If we police the actions of these children after they are on their way home we would have to increase the budget and lay off more teachers. It just can’t happen.”

If I ever catch my boys engaging into ANY of this behavior, so help me God, I will strike the fear of God in them like they have never before seen! My boys will not disrespect persons, property, things, and/or people! They dang well wont be left home along to roam the neighborhood at ANY age, and furthermore they wont be allowed to roam the neighborhood alone, EVER! Yes, I might be a “little over protective” however, it’s not to protect them so much, as it is to teach them morals, good and bad, respect, and good caring character in this otherwise negative, nasty and evil society around us!


Parents, teach your kids to show respect!


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