Moment of truth….

Tonight my project is due for class, that I’m also using in the MonOrchid Gallery summer show. I struggled over color usage; full color, b&w, sepia, cross process, etc. I ultimately decided to go with this grungy hint of green. It was intentional, although I’m now wondering if my instructor will think it was intentional or an “opps” moment during printing? Either way, I sort of love it a lot, and I’m wildly proud of it! I’m not going to show it off just yet, I want the impact of it to be at the gallery showing.


So tonight, here goes my moment of truth. I will be very open to suggestions, feedback and comments! I will take into consideration what those comments are and make adjustments if necessary; since this will be my first gallery show, I want it as close to perfect as perfect can be.

So, yes, am I nervous? More than you could ever believe!!! Am I determined? More than ever before! If it fails, meh, it fails, I can always go back to the drawing bored. This whole process is about learning, growing, experimenting. I think I have done that a great deal with this project. I’ve been slightly micro obsessed about it! Nit picky if you will. I thought I would share with you my artist statement for this project. (See below)



Artist Statement for MonOrchid Call to Artists PHX Heat: Summer Group Show


I am inspired by the seasons of life; the way it moves against us, with us, for us and around us. I am mostly inspired by how we move through life, and the journey taken. I started my photographic career as a scrapbook keeper with a 110 Kodak camera in 1993 after the passing of my inspirational scrapbook keeper; and great grandmother, Iris Haller. Photography is the medium that I use to explore, re-invent, escape from, and re-kindle life through my lens. “Stripped Down” is a sub project of a broader project, “Discovering Me,” as well as my interpretation of PHX Heat adding a play on “summer love” flings. Following a tragic year of losses, including my mother who lost her battle to cancer, I was paralyzed with grief in which I laid my camera down and reverted to the heartless safety of my head. 2013 is about re-discovering life and the love of life through my lens; including re-sparking the iconic movie magic inspired love affair with my husband and my love of photography. Normally I prefer to watch people through my lens; to go along with my photo journalistic stories. However this year, 2013 I’m turning the lens inward towards myself in a soul searching journey; which will continue in another sub series this summer on an Ansel Adams inspired road trip.




So, as they say in show business, “Time to go Break a leg!”



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