Ansel Adams Inspired Summer Vacation Road Trip

My husband landed his dream job that he starts this week with, and so will be leaving his old job of almost ten years in pursing his music production dream. With that comes the postponement of our family summer vacation to Disneyland with our children due to the fact that he will have no vacation time to use. SO, I have talked my husband into allowing me to take some fellow photography friends on an Ansel Adams Inspired Summer Vacation Road Trip.

2012 was an incredibly difficult year for me. I had a very difficult pregnancy while dealing with my mother constant sick and ailing from her cancer; which ended with me being induced early with my second son in May 5th, 2012. Two months later my mom would lose her long drawn out battle to cancer on July 7th, 2012. Before I could finish crying over saying goodbye to my mother one of my best guy friends, who was like a brother to me, Ron was killed by a drunk driver on August 27th, 2012. Two weeks following that my Grandma Coni (dad’s step mom) would pass from liver disease. My mind and heart had already begun to shut down emotionally. September 26th, 2012 was my oldest son’s second birthday; not his party, but his actual birthday. My Paw paw (mom’s dad) passed away that night. Of course that took us right into the holiday season, and my fall semester in college. I was in robotic mode.

It was very difficult and sometimes still very difficult to grasp the amount of loss and hardships I endure I endured during 2012. I put down my camera because documenting life almost felt surreal, and I had this thought that if I didn’t photographically document it, then it wasn’t really happening and it couldn’t be true. The only time I really picked up my camera was for school assignments, and or commercial work I was getting as an extra source of income in our family. I became very dis enchanted with life, love, and photography. I was detached from all things I loved and cherished.

As the holiday season died down and I finalized my Spring semester at college I was starting to see the ramifications of the previous year. I felt dried up, used up, uninspired, and burned out in life completely, but more so in my passion of photography. A change in instructor staff would surprisingly help me re-kindle that love affair I once had. With help from some of my instructors like Kim, William “Bill”, Jose and pass instructor/department head Jennifer I pushed myself to be better, to be more constructive, to grow in my fine art and work through my emotions, thoughts, and feelings with my camera.

Typically I would call myself a photojournalist, that’s my forte, it’s my passion, it’s what I love most and best about photography; my inspirational esteemed professionals in the field are among the likes of Steve McCurry, Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, Nick Ut, Timothy O’Sullivan, Matthew Brady, and Alfred Eisenstaedt just to name a few. I’m rather comfortable behind the lens and exploring the right moments in life to capture and document. Inadvertently I created several mini projects housed under an originating project title “Rediscovering Me” A process of learning to love again, learning to be passionate again, learning how to live again, and learning who I truly am at the core of myself. I turned the camera lens from people around me and events in life, to me, to my life, to my struggles, to my emotions and feelings.

In doing this, I’ve decided that an Ansel Adams inspired summer vacation road trip with fellow photog friends is just the right amount of inspiration I need to re-kindle that movie magic love affair with photography. Of course it will continue to document myself in my “Rediscovering Me” project, but it will also allow me to draw inspiration from some of the greats I love so much!

It will be so hard to leave my home, my children, and my husband for a two week period, but the perspective I will gain, the insight I will achieve is going to be well worth it!


So here you are, My thoroughly researched road map of my Ansel Adams inspired Summer vacation road trip. By the way, you will be surprised to learn that NO one, and I do mean NO one has thought to map these places out? It took weeks of researching his images and writing down what ever information I could find and then mapping it all out. Mind you these are not ALL of the places he has been to photograph, just the ones that fit into my little expedition. I’m not even sure if we will hit all of them! I will be live blogging here on wordpress the entire trip!




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