Diamonds? Who needs diamonds when you have these!!!

My husband is a sweet sweet man and he loves to spoil the tar out of me! =)

He got a list of vintage cameras that I have been wanting from my wish list and then he went on a hunt to get them for me! =) My birthday isn’t for another month. However my husband gave me my birthday gift early. =) He says there’s a part two closer to my birthday next month. =)

Check out these seriously cool vintage cameras! I’m totally going to rekindle my photography love affair this summer using the brownie Hawkeye since I’ve been feeling slightly burned out, uninspired, and uncreative lately.




This last photo is really cool, because unknowing what my husband was doing for me for my birthday, I picked these up last week on my weekly antique store hopping. =)




Anyways, enjoy some vintage fun! I know I will be this summer! Diamonds? Who needs diamonds when you have these????!!!! Diamonds are not ALWAYS a girls best friend, sometimes vintage cameras are better! How stinking cool are these!


Stay with me this summer as I journal my way through finding my love of photography and how I get my groove back! =) Thinking of making an Ansel Adams trip down back roads and the route 66, as well as some Dorothea Lange inspired work, and maybe if I’m lucky enough capture a heartbreaking image such as Steve Curry or Nick Ut this summer!




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