Pardon Me while I SQUEAL!

Pardon myself while I squeal!!!!

Now that, that’s over…..

This lets me know that the public has spoken, that they don’t want these cookie cutter one size fits all photo studios! I’m so happy to see this in my profession. Yes I know, a lot of people will be losing their jobs, but those are mostly people that are only there to SELL you (hard sell you at that) something you don’t want, or don’t need, as well as to do a job. A Monday-Friday mundane job, that they simply took. People want options, they want variety, they want things from a photographer that a large scale cookie cutter studio just can not give them. Myself with my working professional peers are not in it to hard sell you something you wont love, we are in this industry because we LOVE what we do. We LOVE finding the light and the secret moments of life. We LOVE seeing your face light up when we get just the perfect shot. WE LOVE giving you options and the ability to customize those options. It’s why we do what we do. In the art world, which photography is technically an art medium, you have to really love what you do, to make it beautiful. Sure, anyone can pick up a camera, point it and shoot it, but it takes a real artist to make that photo jump off the page/screen and come to life. We are the difference between a simple snapshot and a work of art. Snap shots are for family vacation albums, our shots are for your walls! Remember when I said buyer beware? Well, this only proves it, you will get what you pay for. In the end you get what you pay for, with these sort of studios you get cookie cutter over priced mundane awkwardly posed photos. With us you get exactly what you want and so much more.

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